Natural Skincare and me …..a love affair to last a lifetime.

Growing up I didn’t have the most amazing skin on the block but I didn’t have the worst either so I figured I faired ok. I think someone looking down felt sorry for me enough I already had glasses, braces & thought it was uber-cool to slick my hair back each day with Dax wax ….. yep, the male hair product…. I’m just going to let that hang there for a second.
However, flash forward into my late teens/20’s and my skin decided to take a detour for the worst. I seemed to permanently get flare ups of an angry, red appearance around my T zone which would spread across my face on an all too often basis. This would also happen on my body especially after a run etc. Things came to a head while on a girly weekend in Edinburgh, roaming in and out of shops with blow heaters blasting heat in our faces, my skin did NOT take kindly to this at all. I could feel my face becoming so hot and inflamed, panic set in! I remember turning to my friend to saying “does my face look ok to you?” in true Irish gal pal style she said “yeah, your graaaaaand”, fast forward to meeting up with the rest of the gang who all gasped at the sight of me and the phrase “look at my f*&$ing” face” has been a staple of lots of laughter in our group ever since. Let’s just say if I had been wearing a red and black striped jumper Freddy Krueger had nothing on me….
This was the final straw. I was using a very well-known brand of skincare designed to treat the most sensitive poor souls such as myself. But I just was not seeing any difference, if anything I was getting worse! So I put on my scientist hat and began to look at the ingredients of the products I was using. At first I could not believe the number of ingredients in each product and second what the hell were they, even as a scientist I hadn’t a bloody clue what half of them were! The more I delved the more I didn’t feel very comfortable at all. Some ingredients do not even have to be listed yet they are linked to causing cancer! Others are found in nail polish to protect from UV light, others have since been banned as they are proven to cause concern within the medical field about toxicity to our organs, and can disrupt our endocrine systems. Now ok, some of this may be to the extreme and a bit of scare mongering but there’s no smoke without fire right? How can something be authorised to be used in skincare and cosmetics and then be deemed “toxic to our organ system”?? 
I had read enough to scare me a lifetime (note: I’m easily scared) so I thought, I’m quite a simple person (not that way thanks very much!) but I don’t like frills and thrills I like things pared back, plain and simple, and I thought hey why am I not applying this to my skin! I went and did a course in natural skincare. Nice basic stuff to get me off the ground. I went straight home and set up my little lab. I spent weeks and months studying the properties of the natural ingredients, their benefits, their contradictions, and most importantly the safe use of each one. Every ingredient I use is natural and it is for this reason why I love what I do so much. I do not allow any alcohols or emulsifiers to be added to any Peachy products to make the creams “more creamy” or “less lumpy”, for me it then stops being “natural”. There is nothing bad in any of Peachy ingredients. I can’t help but feel that for the most part, you should recognise or at least have heard of the ingredients you use on your skin. 60% of what we put on our skin is absorbed into our bodies, we tend not to put anything bad into our bodies when eating (most of the time) so why do we allow ourselves to do it via skincare?
I hold an each to their own approach here, if it works for you don’t “fix” it, but maybe every now and then have a little look at what is in the ingredients of what you use and look it up and if you are happy and confident that it will do nothing but good for you and your body, then woo hoo win win! 
Our skin is the biggest organ we have, let’s look after it the way it deserves. Be kind to yourself folks xxx