My Low Tox Journey ..... so far!

As some of you may have noticed recently, I began a journey to reduce the amount of plastic and chemicals I use in the home and day to day life. I’m calling it a “low tox” approach after the name of the course I completed. It is all aimed at becoming more aware of the amount of potentially harmful toxins and chemicals that we use every day …… stick with me now, stick with me 😊

Ok so, I started making a conscious effort in January of this year. I had wanted to do something like this for a very long time. Over the years I was just becoming so aware of the potential affect the ingredients in our skincare can have on our health (hence Peachy!). I started to read more and more papers/articles highlighting the potential affect of plastic on our health, and I just thought, ok I’m going to give this a go!

But my god did I underestimate the amount of plastic that we use each day!! Holy sh1t like it is everywhere! E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E. From everyday things like brushing our teeth, to storing our food, to grabbing a coffee, to shaving our legs! It just felt like almost every single thing that happened in the day had some plastic element to it! And I will admit I got a little disheartened before I even began. I just thought how on earth can I even attempt this when it is just everywhere! But then I just did what I always do, I started with small little changes and went from there, yep I’m very simple minded when it comes down to it 😊

One of the first changes I made was with my little boy, most days we head off for walks around our home town and I always bring a little food bag with some fruit, water and a little sandwich. I used to use plastic sandwich bags for storage, but then I made the switch to using little paper bags. Very small change but it was a start none the less! And so on from there it went.

Listen, I don’t want to get all technical and “sciencey” on you about the effect of plastic in food alone for example, other than to say quite simply, the containers do not just “hold” your food for you. The type of plastic the food is held in has the potential to leach into the food product, and when ingested, this chemical is not exactly an ideal thing to have in your body.  I’ve put some links to some articles and papers at the bottom if anyone is interested in reading into it in more detail. Some of the newspaper articles are a little scare mongering, this is a relatively new area of research, so read with an open mind.

I am always amazed each week at how so much of our food is provided in plastic containers, fruit, veg, sliced ham, cheese, pre packed meats … get my drift! When we do a “big shop” I remove all the plastic packaging from the food, and transfer the different items into either glass/wood or stainless-steel bowls. We changed from plastic cooking utensils to stainless steel, one of my first steps was to bin all the plastic ones! So many changes can be made, to reduce chemicals even making your own antibacterial sprays for the kitchen and bathroom see for recipes! There are biodegradable toothbrushes out there! Made from corn starch no less or bamboo! For little man Peachy we use Jack and Jill corn starch toothbrush and they also have a natural toothpaste all available on Even buying fruit and vegetables from smaller grocers where there is little to no packaging helps, and making your own sugar/salt scrubs at home to try to avoid microbeads are all small steps that make big changes!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not milking my own cows out the back garden or anything, but I’m just trying a more natural approach. I do believe it all makes a difference somewhere along the way and sure it’s not hurting anyone! And listen there are times when I still end up having to use plastic, we haven’t thrown out all of the plastic Tupperware just yet ….. Mr. Peachy is holding firm on that one lol. But my point is I believe in this approach, I am doing what I can to make it work for our day to day life, and I just wanted to share the journey! There has been a positive response so far, with a good few people also trying to make changes now too!

Most people think “what’s the problem anyway it’s only a bit of plastic!!” Mr. Peachy thinks I’m mad, a lot of people do! And maybe I am. Sometimes I think, ok maybe this is complete and utter madness. Like for instance, the food we buy is generally wrapped in plastic, sometimes plastic wrapped in plastic again! It has probably travelled all around the world and back again before it even reaches our table…..and all that time it’s been wrapped in plastic, so …… are my little changes even making a difference? Well in my heart of hearts I feel I am making a small difference in my life and that of my family …. I hope 😊  

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Thanks for reading,

Sinéad x


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