Oil Cleansing Method - Where have you been all my life :)

So many people I talk to about oil cleansing will admit to not fully understanding the concept, let alone have tried it! So I am hoping to fly the little “oil cleansing” flag and try get some new friends for this amazing cleansing method that could work wonders for your skin. What is the oil cleansing method? Well oil cleansing is just that, it is a method of cleansing the face using oil or at least oil based products.

And I know that even just the description will have some people saying “oh no, no, not for me I have oily skin that’s the last thing I need!” but this is not the case my friend, not the case at all.

So just to put a bit of background to the story! A lot of the time mainstream cleansers play a role in stripping the natural oils from our skin, which then can make the skin feel tight, and cause the skin over-produce natural oils to counterbalance the initial stripping of the natural oils. It can tend to be a viscous cycle and leaves your skin feeling dehydrated not long after cleansing, but then a follow up of feeling like you have a build up of oil on your face over time. Not cool!

The concept of oil cleansing is an ancient tradition, which existed before soap became commercially available. It works on the method that oil is used to cleanse the skin by entering the pores, dissolving any oil hardened by impurities like dirt and bacteria, a hot face cloth laid over the face then creates steam which draws out and removes the oil. So, basically like attracts like! Acne.org explains the science bit very well! “The best way to dissolve a non-polar solvent like sebum/oil, is by using another non-polar solvent similar in composition”.

The method itself centres around massaging oil into the skin for at least 2 minutes, then using a warm face cloth to remove & cleanse away excess oil and impurities. Oil cleansing method in conjunction with double cleansing is the way forward! Using a Cleanse Off Mitt to do an initial cleanse (you have to read the Skin Nerds blog on this and you will never look back!) and then using a suitable oil-based cleanser to definitively remove any excess make up, sunscreen, sweat or dirt will ensure that your skin is well and truly squeaky clean! Our Peachy Aloe Vera Based cleanser is in fact an aloe vera and oil-based cleanser. We use a blend of oils low on the comedogenic scale (meaning the they do not clog your pores) to nourish and moisturise your skin while providing a thorough cleanse.

Why not give it a try, contact me at www.peachy.ie (shameless plug eeeek 😊)